Reviews of Lemmon and Tanascyhuk Workman's Comp Lawyers
“The check came today! Thank you, from the bottom of my working heart, for everything you have done for me. Thanks again!!”

“Denise, Thanx for making this a much better experience. You are my hero.”

“I had thought that I could handle my workers’ compensation injury myself by simply following the guidelines. But I was soon proven wrong. My case became complicated, and the necessary medical treatments were blocked. I almost lost hope, but then I found Denise Lemmon. Owing to her passion and diligence, her clear thinking, and her extraordinary legal expertise, my case was turned around. With her managing my case, monitoring my progress and giving me advise, my anxiety was greatly reduced and I could focus on getting well. I felt so fortunate that I had retained her. In the course of over a year, she did a tremendous amount of work for me. When my benefit was cut off, Denise prepared a presentation for the hearing, which was so thorough and clear, and her argument for which was so coherent that she was able to get my benefits reinstated. I was entirely reliant on her advice for all my problems, including those that derived from work unexpectedly that put me in an extremely difficult situation. During all those trying times, Denise always responded to my email immediately, providing me with guidance, even during weekends and holidays. My whole family is very grateful to her. She is not just an outstanding lawyer, but also a mentor, who helped me navigate through many difficult situations. Denise really cares about me as a fellow human being. She did the best job on my case and on all the surrounding issues, a much better job than any other attorney could have done. I want to recommend her to anyone who is injured at work and who is seeking legal representation. I can assure you that you will achieve the optimum in your case if your attorney is Denise. Conrad Tanasychuk represented me in a hearing. Even though he considered it to be a simple hearing, Conrad read and analyzed over a hundred pages of document to understand the issues involved. During the process I was frustrated by the complexity of the issues and wanted to give up, but Conrad never backed down. His many hours of painstaking effort really paid off. We won the hearing and I got the benefits that I was entitled to according to the law. My experience with Conrad as my attorney was very positive. He is very kind and capable. He worked entirely for my interests. I would like to recommend Conrad to anyone who needs legal advice. I can guarantee that he is the most dedicated attorney that you can find.”  
– Z. Q. in Mendota Heights

“Thank you for all of your hard work, concerning my case. i consider myself very fortunate, to have been recommended to you. You are extremely intelligent and knowledgable in your field. Thank again, A.W., – Shoreview
Denise Lemmon provided me with exceptional support, invaluable insights and made me feel that she cared about me and my future. Her decision, commitment and positive attitude during my complex litigation makes her one of the sharpest lawyers I know.” 
– C.F.

“After interviewing several attorneys I finally found Denise Lemmon. During the Workers Comp process Denise and Conrad Tanasychuk kept me well informed about what was happening with my case and projections of what was to come in the future. Both Denise and Conrad were kind and understanding at all times. With their representation, we were able to settle and I am now able to attend school and begin a new career after leaving a career of 31 years. It has been a fascinating experience and I am looking forward to my future!”

“Things are looking up! I sure do appreciate you Denise!! You are so good at what you do.”
A.C – St. Cloud

“I have known Denise for several years and worked with her personally on one of my previous Work-Comp Claims. She is very experienced and worked very hard for me to get the wages, medical benefits, and settlement I deserved. She is very hard working and transparent and goes up and above and beyond for you. She has a lot of knowledge and experience in regards to the law. She always had my best interest in mind. Denise is an outstanding person and an awesome well qualified Work Comp Attorney. She will work hard for you and get you everything you deserve.”
K.K. – Lakeside

“I was totally intimidated by both my employer and the work comp insurance co. Denise walked me through the process, was a strong advocate and provided me with both the information I needed as well as the support to persevere. Insurance companies know how to ‘play the game’. What I needed was someone who knows how to ‘play the game’ better!. I found that in Denise Lemmon. Thank you so very much.”
N.A. – Sauk Centre

“I received the payment today! I want to thank you, and of course your staff, for everything you did for me.”
D.J. – Lester Prairie

“You are a miracle worker! How did this happen!!!”
C.K. – Oakdale

“Conrad Tanasychuk exceeded my expectations with my recent workers compensation litigation. His integrity and professionalism is unsurpassed and he has a phenomenal instinct for negotiations. He is a knowledgeable, skilled attorney and even with a complicated case, he got the job done. I can’t thank him enough.”
A.F. – Foley

“I can honestly say that I wish I had talked with Denise Lemmon at the beginning of all of this. I know there are other employees who have injuries and I am sure they will want to know what’s happened to me.”

“Denise, Thank you, sincerely for all your dedication, drive and determination along with your natural God given abilities. I’m so glad you’re my attorney and Conrad of course you guys are great. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, thank you for your fighting spirit.”
T.J. – St Paul

“Conrad Tanasychuk is great lawyer and works hard for you. Conrad Tanasychuk goes above and beyond the call of duty to get you results.”
— R.D in Kansas

“I think very highly of Denise Lemmon as a person and lawyer. Denise Lemmon will stand by you every step of the way. When I needed help she was there. Denise Lemmon has never let me down. I trust Denise Lemmon completely. Denise Lemmon is the best.”
— W.J in St. Paul

“Conrad Tanasychuk -Thanks for helping the little people.”
— M.L. in New Prague

“Denise Lemmon is an excellent attorney. From the beginning I felt reassured and confident in my decision to go forward with my case. A lawsuit is very scary endeavor and long process. Denise Lemmon was constantly in touch with me letting me know the progress and was very upfront with me. Denise Lemmon was patient and always made me feel comfortable calling with any questions or concerns. I would strongly recommend Denise Lemmon of Lemmon and Tanasychuk to anyone.” 
– S.A. in Lindstrom

“I highly recommend Denise Lemmon to anyone that wants an exceptional lawyer .She fights hard to get you the settlement you deserve . She keeps you up to date and informed on what your options are and what to expect with each proceeding . Denise has exceeded above and beyond what I ever thought I would get for a settlement. She is the greatest !!!”
— Thank you Denise

“Denise Lemmon represented me throughout the entirety of my two years in the Workers’ Comp system. She not only exhibited diligence and professionalism in all aspects of my case, but also provided me the tools I needed to protect myself as an injured worker. I never felt ill-prepared and all of my questions were answered immediately. It is disconcerting to be injured on the job and doubly so to navigate the Workers’ Comp system while maintaining one’s health. Denise Lemmon is more than a lawyer in that she is both a guide and educator. I couldn’t have asked for better representation and would recommend Denise Lemmon to anyone who wants to be sure their rights are protected.”
— J.F. in Golden Valley

“I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the time, effort and hard work that Denise and Conrad have put into my case. I really appreciate Denise Lemmon taking the time to explain things to me while we are on the phone. You have helped make a very confusing and frustrating thing such as workman’s comp easier to understand and more bearable to deal with. I am VERY thankful for everything that you have done and helped me with in the last year and few months!”
— J.H. in Buhl

“Conrad Tanasychuk is honest, works hard and very likable . Conrad Tanasychuk is a straight shooter and makes sure that his clients are well taken care of. I appreciate that I found Conrad Tanasychuk and that he was my lawyer.”
— W.S. in Woodbury

“Denise Lemmon is a wonderful attorney and I would recommend her to anyone. She is a person to be trusted. Thank you Denise for your time, patience, kindness and understanding.”
— K.D. in Eden Prairie

“From the first time I spoke with Denise Lemmon, I felt confident in her ability to safeguard my best interests. Denise Lemmon listened to my needs. She monitored my case closely, and advised me through the whole process. Denise Lemmon was very committed to my case. Denise Lemmon took the time to explain things to me in a way that I could understand. I would strongly recommend Denise Lemmon to anyone.”
— B.S. in Jordan

“Conrad Tanasychuk is confident, personable and got back to me with answers to my questions. Conrad Tanasychuk helped me to stay focused. Conrad Tanasychuk was determined to find out the truth of the matter.”
— N.A. in Brooklyn Center

“Denise Lemmon is very knowledgeable in the field and handled my case with high professionalism. Without Denise Lemmon as my attorney, I could not have obtained the result I did. She was always there to answer any questions and was totally committed every step of the way. I would recommend Denise Lemmon to anyone. She’s not just with you through the settlement, but always there for you for the rest of your life.”
— K.F. in Farmington

“Conrad Tanasychuk took the time to explain the process and helped me organize and articulate my thoughts on paper.”
— M.C. in Brainerd

“Conrad Tanasychuk strongly advocated for me during the appeal process.”
— R.M. in Bloomington

“Conrad Tanasychuk was very patient with me and kept me focused throughout the appeal process.”

— K.F. in Elk River

“My recent experience with Mr. Conrad Tanasychuk was a wonderful effort on his part of information, researching, data preparation and leading the direction of my appeal with my past employer. Conrad has the experience and knowledge to gain the respect of the Judges and to handle any surprises from employers. Conrad even called the HR Director on a point of Minnesota Employment Law that she was incorrect in stating. All of the above points and the great fact that we won the appeal is why you should consider Mr. Conrad Tanasychuk to protect your rights and benefits!”
 — J.M. in Eagan

“Thank you so much for your expertise and kindness during this whole ordeal. I would not have wanted to navigate that path without you.”
— M.H. in Golden Valley

“Denise Lemmon is a wonderful person and attorney. Denise Lemmon helped me during a very difficult time. I am very pleased with the results. I have referred my family and friends to her.”
— L.C. in Bloomington

“I am so pleased and grateful for the work that was done on my behalf by Conrad Tanasychuk of Lemmon and Tanasychuk. The employer for my workers’ compensation claim was extremely difficult. Thanks to the knowledge, expertise and tenacity of Conrad Tansaychuk, I was awarded everything that I was entitled to in accordance with the law. Conrad Tanasychuk took the time to explain the pros and cons of everything so that I could come to a sound decision. And yes, the final decision was in my hands. Conrad Tanasychuk never gave up when, at times, I would off. I am thankful I listened to him. I would recommend Conrad Tanasychuk of Lemmon and Tanasychuk to everyone. You will be extremely satisfied with the process and outcome.”
— K.W. in Edina

“Denise Lemmon has been very thorough providing information to me and answering my questions. I believe Denise Lemmon is able to handle any situation no matter how large or small. I would recommend Denise Lemmon to anyone that needs legal counsel.”
— R.L. in Waconia